Tests Suggest Arafat Poisoned

Swiss laboratory research released Tuesday suggests Yassir Arafat was poisoned with polonium in 2004.

Israel, China Agree to Build Eilat Railway
china israel
Israel and China today signed historic cooperation agreements to build the Eilat railway and future projects, including the inland canal port north of Eilat.

Peter Madoff Pleads Guilty in Brother's Ponzi Scheme
peter madoff
Peter Madoff, 66, chief compliance officer for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities firm, pleaded guilty on Friday to conspiracy and falsifying records.

Arabic Facebook Users Demand: "Insha'Allah" Button
facebook like
Arabic-speaking Facebook users want the social networking site to add an "Insha'Allah" button to the platform for the Middle East and Facebook has indicated that it may be willing to do so in order to boost its regional presence, Bikya Masr reported.

Israel is Swamped with Singles.
"The impact of the singles revolution, or better called "the breaking-up revolution," is far reaching and has been leaving its mark in recent years on housing, economy, education and even the level of personal happiness," writes Amit Zahavi-London in a new study on the singles scene in Israel.

Orthodox Men Arrested in Yad Vashem Vandalism
neturei karta
Three haredi Orthodox men from the Neturei Karta anti-Zionist group were arrested for allegedly spray-painting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel graffiti on the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

Swastikas to be Celebrated Worldwide
raelian symbol swastika day
Swastikas will be celebrated in cities throughout the United States and around the world in a day organized by the Raelian movement. For the third annual Swastika Rehabilitation Day. Swastika banners will fly and street swastika animations will be presented in Karlsruhe, Germany, and in Tel Aviv.

Knitting Club Helps Relieve Stress for Kids in Sderot
As rockets fired by Gaza Arab terrorists continue to fall on the south, a group of young girls are meeting in Sderot - to be part of a "knitting circle," organized by a 12 year old New York girl.

MK: Save Money, Don't Train Women
women bullet
The IDF could save over 200 million shekels each year by ending physical training for female soldiers in non-combat positions, MK Akram Hasoon has proposed.

Remembering Missing IDF Trio 30 Years Later
The Israeli media recently began marking the Lebanon War's 30th anniversary. In one radio interview, a brigade commander mentioned the missing trio in passing - but not by name.

Hebrew National Accused of Unkosher Practices
hebrew national
A lawsuit filed against Hebrew National alleged that its hot dogs and other products are not actually kosher.

Israeli Lawmaker Tells IDF to Stop Enlisting Gays
idf gay photo
Knesset member Uri Ariel of the National Union Party said in an interview with the Knesset Channel that homosexuals "interfere in the military's ability to fight."
Ministry Bars Youths From Shabbat Work at McDonalds
mcdonalds israel
McDonald's Israel will have to end the employment of 800 Jewish youths on Saturdays as of this weekend, due to the increased enforcement of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor inspectors against the employment of youths on Saturdays.

Germany Plans for "Mein Kampf" Excerpts in Schools
mein kampf
Does Mein Kampf belong in German high schools?

Jews Told to Wear Star of David as Locals Impersonate Nazis
british street
Members of the Manchester Jewish community were outraged after participants in a World War II re-enactment dressed up as Nazis, donning swastikas and other fascist insignia.

WHO Warns of Untreatable Strain of Gonorrhea
The World Health Organization is warning that a new strain of gonorrhea, a formerly curable sexually-transmitted disease, has appeared and is resistant to the strongest form of antibiotics used to fight to infection.

Mubarak Suffers Emotional Breakdown in Prison
mubarak smug
Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak suffered an "emotional breakdown" in prison on Tuesday, a senior interior ministry official said.
Colorado Indians, Jews Share Genetic Marker
Israeli geneticists have linked a Native American population in Colorado to Jews expelled from Spain during the Inquisition.
White House "Regrets" Reference to "Polish Death Camp"
The White House expressed its regrets about President Obama's use of the term "Polish death camp."
Wave of Chinese Tourists Expected
chinese visitors to israel
Over 100 million Chinese tourists are expected to be traveling annually by 2020 and one of their preferred destinations is turning out to be the Middle East.

3-D Map Highlights Conflict's Topography
One New York Attorney Uses Maps and Posters to illustrate Israel's Predicament.
Canaanite Jewelry Hoard Unearthed in Megiddo
meggido jewels
Archaeologists digging at Tel Megiddo in northern Israel have unearthed what turns out to be one of the largest troves of Canaanite treasures ever found, buried in rubble from destruction 3,100 years ago.
Turkey Suspects Bird of Being Israeli Spy
cartoon bird
The bird's left nostril was reportedly three times the size of its right nostril, leading Turkish officials to believe the Israel had implanted the animal with a surveillance device in its beak.

Cuba Ready to Negotiate Status of Alan Gross
alan gross
Authorities in Cuba are ready to negotiate the status of jailed American Alan Gross, a senior Cuban official said. Gross was sentenced last year to 15 years on espionage charges related to his U.S. State Department backed project to hook Cuba's Jews into the Internet.

Israel to Resume Oil Search on Golan Heights
Yediot Ahronot reports that, 20 years after Israel decided, for diplomatic reasons, not to explore for oil and gas on the Golan Heights, Minister of Energy and Water Resources Uzi Landau has decided to resume the granting of exploration licenses.

Hunger Games Social Media Game Hits Jackpot
It's post-apocalyptic America and you're in District 12 of Panem. With your bow and arrow, you are helping Katniss Everdeen hunt for meat and berries to bring back to your family. This is the world that Funtactix, a company founded in Israel, has created on Facebook.

Pluristem Stem Cells Save Girl's Life
stem cells
Pluristem Therapeutics Ltd. has announced that a seven year-old girl suffering from an aplastic bone marrow whose condition was rapidly deteriorating has seen a reversal of her condition.

NY Times Names Orthodox Jews a New York Power
super moon nyc
The New York Times has termed Brooklyns orthodox Jewry a rising power in the city, with the help of the Internet, while the influence of the Catholic church is dwindling.

Police Stops Ebay's Western Wall Gravel Sales
Jerusalem police and the Israel Antiquities Authorityhave determined that the advertised sale of Western Wall stones on the eBay website earlier this year turned out to be only gravel at the holy site.

Mysterious Gas Smell Pervades Tel Aviv
Many residents of the Greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area have been complaining today about a foul smell of chlorine and gas in the air.

Ritual Offering Protest Off, SlutWalk Still On
Jerusalem police have ruled that activists cannot hold a march to lead sheep to Judaism's holiest site in protest over the lack of permission to allow ritual offerings on the Temple Mount. Left-wing activists were granted permission, however, to carry out the "SlutWalk" rally.

Australian Billionaire to Build Titanic II
titanic 2
An Australian billionaire announces plans to build a high-tech replica of the famed but doomed luxury cruise liner, the Titanic.
Major Israeli Newspaper Runs Missionary Ad
The economic daily Calcalist features a large ad placed by Jews for Jesus, which anti-missionary activists called misleading.

"Mein Kampf" Being Prepared for German Students
mein kampf
A new annotated edition of "Mein Kampf" is being prepared for German high school students. Up to now, the ministry has barred publication in Germany in order to limit the spread of Hitler's ideology.

Israeli Diet Puts Pounds on Ethiopian Women
ethiopian women in israel
Ethiopian women who have immigrated to Israel have integrated cheaper junk food into their diet at the expense of their traditional dishes, leading to obesity, osteoporosis and other chronic metabolic disease, according to a new study.
60 Minutes Slammed On Segment On "Persecuted" Christians in Israel
60 minutes christian hatchet job west bank
Thousands of Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel have bombarded CBS executives with complaints about a "60 Minutes" segment that blamed Israel for the exodus of Christians from the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Non-Jewish Man Can Sue Over Anti-Semitic Comments
A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that a man can sue for enduring anti-Semitic slurs from former employers despite not being Jewish.

IDF Doctor Saves Palestinian Baby
Lt. Michael Findler, 28, the lone doctor at the Halamish military base near Ramallah in the West Bank, resuscitated the 12-day-old Palestinian baby girl with CPR.
1,200 Rabbis Ask Churches Not to Divest From Israel
christian and jewish
Some 1,200 U.S. rabbis have signed onto a letter appealing to Christian churches not to divest from Israel. The letter was timed to be sent to the delegates attending two Christian conferences that are considering divestment resolutions.

Bethlehem Governor Bans Israeli Imports
fruit stand
The governor of Bethlehem signed an order, on Sunday, banning the entry of Israeli agricultural products into the city, effective from May 1, Ma'an News Agency reported.

Report: N.Y. Mohel Apparently Tested Positive for Herpes
A New York mohel who performed the circumcision of one newborn who died of herpes and of three other infants who contracted the disease apparently tested positive for herpes, The New York Jewish Week reported.

Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola Barred From CA
California's new state laws on toxic chemicals are keeping kosher for Passover Coke out of the state.
Hungarian Lawmaker: Jews Implicated in Blood Libel
barath zsolth
Hungarian Jewish leaders have issued a strongly worded protest against a speech by a far-right lawmaker who claimed that Jews had been implicated in a notorious blood libel case in northern Hungary 130 years ago.

Arab Lecturer: Moses Led Muslims out of Egypt
muslim video
Dr. Omar Ja'ara, lecturer at Al-Najah University in Nablus specializing in Israeli affairs, said on Fatah television that Moses led the Muslims out of Egypt and that the Exodus was the first instance of "Palestinian" liberation through armed struggle.

Ancient Egyptian Coffin Lids Confiscated in Israel
sarcophogi israel
The lids of two ancient Egyptian sarcophagi that had held mummies were confiscated in Israel by the Israel Antiquities Authority.
Hitler's Parents Gravestone Removed
The gravestone of Adolf Hitler's parents, which has become a shrine for neo-Nazis, was removed at the request of a relative.

School: "Quit Facebook or Risk Expulsion"
no facebook
An Orthodox Jewish girls' high school in Brooklyn has ordered its 11th-grade students to close their Facebook accounts and pay a fine.

Dubai Police Chief: Islamists Plotting Against Gulf
Dubai's top cop says the Muslim Brotherhood is plotting to seize power in the six Gulf arab monarchies by 2016.
Turkish Jews Protest Hitler Shampoo Ad
hitler shampoo
Jews in Turkey and the United States are protesting a Turkish shampoo advertisement that uses Hitler footage. The ad features a clip of Hitler delivering an impassioned speech with a voice-over urging men to use Biomen shampoo.

Iran Has Plans Involving a Monkey Astronaut
Iran, whose population is one-third of that of the United States, claims it will send a monkey into space this year. It also has recently said it has found a nano-medicine cure for cancer and a generic drug to treat multiple sclerosis.

Seattle LGBT Not Meeting with Israeli Gays
lgbt flag
A Seattle commission that represents the gay community canceled a meeting with gay Israeli leaders over Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

New Hampshire to Rename "Jew Pond"
jew pond
Residents of a small New Hampshire town voted to rename a recreational water hole called Jew Pond.

Bird Flu Outbreak Surprises Agriculture Ministry
Moshav Shalva and Kibbutz Hulit in southern Israel have been hit with bird flu.
British Publisher Fights "Mein Kampf" Ban
mein kampf
A British publisher is vowing to fight a Munich court's decision to permanently ban his publication of excerpts of Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

Hitler's Mein Kampf Unlawfully Reprinted in Albania
mein kampf
Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf," (My Struggle), infamous for its unparalleled anti-Semitism upon which the hate-ridden Nazi ideology was founded, has been released in Albania for the first time, the European Jewish Press reported.

Atheist's Hebrew Billboard Thwarted in Chasidic Enclave
An atheist organization's Hebrew-language billboard calling God a "myth" was not unveiled near a Brooklyn Chasidic enclave as scheduled. "The Jews have stopped the billboard," David Silverman, president of American Atheists said.

Daniel Pearl Posthumously Baptized in Mormon Rite
daniel pearl
Daniel Pearl was baptized in a Mormon proxy ritual in another case of a prominent deceased Jew discovered to have been baptized posthumously in recent weeks.

Arab-Israeli Justice Will Not Sing National Anthem
salim joubran
The first Israeli Arab with a permanent appointment to Israel's Supreme Court has come under fire for not singing Israel's national anthem at a public court event.

Farrakhan: Jews Own Media, Zionists Pushing U.S. into Iran War
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan decried what he called Jewish control of the media and accused "Zionists" of trying to push America into war with Iran.

ADL Again Slams Santorum on Church-State
The Anti-Defamation League once again reprimanded Rick Santorum for his advocacy of a church role in governing.

Israel-Gibraltar Stamp Canceled Over Jerusalem Landmark
israel gibaltrar stamp
A binational "friendship stamp" set to be issued by Israel and Gibraltar was canceled over Israel's choice of landmark to appear on the stamp.

Most Israeli Sites Were Unaware of Hackings
cyber hacking
The hacking of Israeli websites in recent months has put Internet security on the agenda. The hacking caused an initial public panic, which gradually faded, apparently giving way to more cautious use of websites.

"Apartheid" Week: Mock Check Points & Water Balloons
palestinian protest
Arab protesters created a mock checkpoint outside the London School of Economics, stopping and harassing Jewish students while asking them for identification. They also simulated a fictional scenario, in which mock Israel soldiers drag Palestinian Arab women kicking and screaming along the floor.

Anne Frank Baptized in Mormon Proxy Ritual
anne frank
Anne Frank was baptized in a Mormon proxy ritual in another case of a Holocaust victim discovered to have been baptized posthumously this month.

Son of Holocaust Survivors to Challenge Chavez
Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, will challenge President Hugo Chavez in upcoming elections.

Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories on 9/11 Still Persist
anti semitic 911
Some experts are concerned that 9/11 conspiracy theories are fueling the rise of anti-Semitic rhetoric in major public forums.
Golda Meir Wanted the US to Bomb Auschwitz
golda meir
Golda Meir, the future Israeli prime minister, wanted the United States and its allies to bomb Auschwitz, researchers have learned.

Is Hizbullah Establishing a Base in Cuba?
According to reports, Hizbullah is founding a Cuba-based terror cell to seek vengeance on Israel for the 2008 death of Imad Mughniyah.

Netanyahu: Youtube Favorite in Arab World
netanyahu youtube
Egypt and Saudi Arabia are following Netanyahu closely: 18% of surfers who have watched YouTube video clips of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are from Egypt, second only to the US.

Viper Venom Worth NIS 20 Million
snake venom
Israel's Ministry of Health declared the viper venom serum production as a national project, and fully financed its NIS 20 million cost.

Progressive Jews Want to Start Kibbutz
A dozen members of Habonim Dror, a North American Labor-Zionist youth movement, said they intend to immigrate to Israel and found a kibbutz.

Bird Splitter Protects Airplanes
Mid-air collisions with birds are the leading cause of airplane crashes. In response, Israel Aerospace Industries has invented the Bird Splitter, a system that destroys birds before they hit the plane.

Judge Pulls Out of Kosher Hotdog Mets Case
mets court case kosher hotdog
A federal judge reportedly has recused himself from a lawsuit brought by a kosher vendor against the New York Mets, after he was seen wearing a Mets cap outside of the courthouse,
Iran Protests "Zionist" Olympics Logo
london olympics 2012 logo
Iran is protesting the logo for the 2012 Olympic Games, saying it spells the word "Zion." Mohammad Aliabadi, head of Iran's National Olympic Committee, accused the British Olympic organizers of "racism."
Israel Helps Gaza with Tomatoes
gaza tomatoes
Israel attaches great importance to the international community's involvement in implementing policies towards the members of the civilian population in Gaza who are not involved terrorism against Israel, and noted that Israel will continue to implement economic projects in the Gaza Strip.

40 Years After Munich: Victim's Card is Returned
munich id card returned
Emotions still run high: Four decades after the Palestinian terrorist massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the Olympic ID card of one of them was returned to his family.
Hamas Arrests Hairstylists
hair products
Hamas has found a new target in its battle to bring Gaza under Islamic law: male hairdressers. According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, several male hairdressers were recently arrested for cutting women's hair.
EasyJet Learns Ham is Not Kosher
piggy pig pig
EasyJet is swallowing hard after its promised kosher food on its Israeli route but offered bacon and ham-only menu to passengers, many of whom chose to fast.
Israeli Sues Coca Cola on Behalf of Muslims
An Israeli Muslim filed a NIS 1.2 billion class action suit against the Israel franchisee for Coca Cola for compensation for mental anguish and infringing the independent choices of the individual.

Manchester United Settles In Fake Balls Case
manchester united balls
The Haifa District Court has upheld a settlement signed between the Manchester United Football Club, Chai Amra Ltd., and the State of Israel with regard to allegedly fake footballs that carried the club's trademark.

Israeli Woman Gives Birth to 18th Child
israeli woman rivkah has 18 kids
A Jerusalem woman has given birth to her 18th baby, her ninth son to go with nine daughters.
Parents Wish to Use Late Son's Sperm
The parents of an Israeli man who died in an accident have asked Israel's attorney general for permission to use his sperm to father a grandchild.
Smelly Coke Costs 2 Million Shekels
israeli coca cola
Coca-Cola Israel will pay customers almost NIS 2 million as part of a settlement of a class-action suit. The payment will be made as charitable donations.
"Chained Woman" Awarded Damages
A Tel Aviv court upheld the right of a "chained woman," (a woman denied a religious divorce by her husband,) to sue for damages.
Newcastle Disease Causing Egg Shortage
cute egg
Newcastle's disease broke out in Israel in December, resulting in the slaughter of more than 500,000 chickens, causing over NIS 8 million in damage.

Weapons Search Reveals Temple Coins
temple coins found by israeli police during raid
Detectives from the Nahariya police station searched a suspect's private home Thursday for suspected illegal weapons, but instead of guns, they found a large hoard of ancient coins dating to Second Temple times.

Curse, and Be Fined
A new set of guidelines for MK behavior that will be brought before the Knesset Ethics Committee proposes that Knesset Members who curse or speak rudely to a colleague in the plenum would be liable to be fined up to a full month's salary, some 34,000 shekels.

El Al Pilots Say No to English Test
el al plane
The Pilots Union refuses to allow pilots, including El Al pilots, to take the English language exam ordered yesterday by the Israel Civil Aviation Authority for all pilots making international flights.
Iran Bans Women From Live Soccer Broadcasts
soccer on tv iran women
Iran has banned women from attending broadcasts of live soccer matches at public movie theaters. Women are already banned from attending men's soccer games at stadiums.

Israel Brings on the McFalafel
mcfalafel, mcdonalds israel
The McDonald's fast food chain is rushing to roll out its latest offering, the McFalafel sandwich, in Israel's heartland.
Bra Incident May Lead to Foreign Press Boycott
najwan simri diab al jazeera
After a pregnant Al Jazeera producer was asked to remove her bra during a security check, the Foreign Press Association in Israel is threatening to boycott news briefings.
Toxic Hospital Water?
water faucet
At three Israeli hospitals, excessive concentrations of lead, a toxic metal, were found. Until the situation improves, the Ministry of Health has ordered these hospitals not to use hot water for drinking or cooking.
"Mossad Vulture" is a Free Eagle
mossad vulture is eagle
The Saudi government has freed a bird it first declared was a vulture and a spy for Israel's international Mossad intelligence agency. Now it claims it's an eagle and free to go.
"Say No to Turkish Figs"
You bought from Turkey, you financed the next flotilla," says a group that will launch a campaign on Thursday against buying fruits, especially figs, from Turkey for the upcoming Tu B'Shvat holiday.
References to Pork, Jesus Cause Retrial
trial thrown out for pork reference
References to the trial of Jesus and a pork comment made by a defense lawyer for Cisco Systems during a federal trial have led a judge to grant a new trial.

Saudis Arrest Vulture "Spying for Israel"
vulture spies for israel
Saudi Arabian security forces have captured a vulture that was carrying a global positioning satellite transmitter and a ring etched with the words "Tel Aviv University." They suspect the bird of spying for Israel.

Orthodox Union Sues Fish Importer
cartoon fish
The Orthodox Union is suing a fish importer for false use of its kosher mark.
Sea Gives Israel Ancient Roman Statue
roman statue discovered in mediterranean sea, israel
Last weekend's brutal winter weather brought with it an unexpected benefit along the coast of Ashkelon. The choppy waves that battered the shore uncovered an archaeological treasure: a white marble Roman statue of a woman clad in a toga and sandals.
Hamas Hands Out Chocolates "With Love"
Hamas terrorists in Gaza have expanded their range of activities in recent weeks. In addition to their regular job of strictly enforcing Hamas rule and Shariah law, they have been busy sweeping streets, visiting schools, and even handing out chocolate in an attempt to win back popular support.
Austrian Court: Don't Yodel, it Offends Muslims
Austria court rules yodelling offensive to muslims
An Austrian court has recently fined a citizen for yodeling while mowing his lawn which "offended" his next-door Muslim neighbors
Another Tefilin "Bomb Scare"
tefilin bomb scare
An Israeli putting on tefillin set off a bomb scare on a New Zealand ferry.
PA Jails Atheist for 'Own Good'
PA police arrested 26-year-old Walid al-Husseini because of a series of anti-religious blog posts he had written. Now PA officials say Husseini is not in jail for his religious beliefs, but rather, for his own safety. If he is released, they say, he could be murdered.
Egypt: Mossad May Be Behind Shark Attack
Egypt's Governor of southern Sinai lays the blame for recent shark attacks on Israel's foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad.
IDF Catches Dodgers on Facebook
Memo to Israeli women: If you claim to be religious to avoid army service, don't update your Facebook status on Shabbat. And don't post photos of yourself in immodest clothing.
Gaza's Strawberries and Flowers go Forth
Gaza strawberries
The Gaza Strip has begun to export strawberries and flowers to markets in Europe, according to a report by the Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea and Samaria.
Arab Princess Has Operation in Israel
A daughter to one of the royal families in the Persian Gulf is in Israel undergoing a complicated heart operation, after her doctors recommended one of Israel's leading hospitals as the best place to undergo the operation.
Crowds Visit Harry Potter in Ramle
A member of the Worcestershire Regiment, real-life Harry Potter was killed in action on 22 July 1939 while battling armed gunmen in Hevron. He is buried in Ramle.
Toy Stores Bring Back Offensive Pig
A British toy store chain said it will return pigs to a farmyard set after they had been removed to avoid offending Jewish and Muslim parents.
Jewish Doctor Walks Out on Nazi Patient
A Jewish doctor walked out of an operating room in Germany last week after seeing a Nazi tattoo on his patient's arm. 'I will not operate on your husband,' he told the patient's wife. 'I am Jewish.'
96 Year Old Jews Welcome in 'Palestine'
Only Jews who lived in 'Palestine' before World War 1 will be allowed to live in the future Islamic 'Palestinian' state, a senior Hamas official said in an interview. This would mean that no Jews aged currently under 96 would qualify for living in that state, regardless of where they are from.
Orthodox Jews Told to Reduce Birth Rate
A Finance Ministry official shocked the annual Sderot Conference Tuesday, calling Arabs and hareidi-religious Jews irresponsible for having 'too many children.'
'Tel Aviv Will Look African'
National Union chairman Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz warned a Knesset committee Monday that 100,000 African immigrants will flood Tel Aviv in the next few years.
Tel Aviv U Develops Powerful Electronic Sensor
A research team headed by Prof. Fernando Patolsky of Tel Aviv University's Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Chemistry has developed a new powerful electronic sensor that is able to detect numerous types of explosives.
Banning (Chinese) Israeli Flags
The proposed law would require that all Israeli flags that are purchased by government agencies be made in Israel. Most of the flags the past several years have been bought from Asian countries, most notably China and Turkey.
Indian Superbug Travels to Israel
An Israeli woman who was hospitalized in India returned home carrying a 'superbug.' The intestinal bacteria are resistant to antibiotics and have caused deaths in other countries.
Mohammed Most Popular Name in UK
The most common name given to baby boys born in England in 2009 was none other than Mohammed, in its various forms.
Blair's Sister-in-Law Now a Muslim
Lauren Booth Muslim
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, has converted to Islam after a trip to Iran where she had a 'holy experience' while visiting the Fatima al-Masumeh shrine.
Campbell's Soup Halal Controversy
Critics claim to have no problem with the halal certification, but rather objects to Campbell's decision to have its products certified by the ISNA, an organization which has been accused of being linked with Hamas.

Car Designer Makes IDF Robots
Combining his love for cars and his talent for design, Amir Zaid explains that with a security vehicle, everything has to work right away, and that sharpness and simplicity are key. However, design is critical.
The Top Ten Movies Iran Hates
Under President Ahmadinejad, Iran has banned all foreign films and has even blocked the screening of many movies made by Iranians. One writer compiles a list of the top ten films most feared by Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.

Jewish Official Not Implicated in Sex Yacht
The Jewish organizational leader said to be detained on a Turkish sex yacht denied being arrested in the breakup of an alleged prostitution ring aboard the boat.



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