What to Do If the Stock Market Falls 20% Next Month

If the Dow Industrials fell 20% next month, 99% of American investors would freak out.

Israel in Bid to Rescue Palestinian Economy
palestinian economy
As the Palestinian economy falters, Israel recently asked the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, for a bridge loan of $100 million to help the Palestinian Authority pay June salaries. Since the PA is not a state, it cannot appeal directly to the IMF.

Netanyahu Decides no Tax Hikes in 2013
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided against the officials at the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer, and will not raise taxes in 2013.

Israelis See Business Ties with Egypt Continuing
The day after the declaration that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi is the winner of the presidential election in Egypt, many questions hang over the future of relations between Egypt and Israel, relating both to diplomacy and security, and to business.

Tel Aviv Approves Subway
The agreement to build the underground subway line for the 2.6-kilometer section of Tel Aviv light rail's Green Line along Ibn Gvirol Street was signed at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. Digging will begin in 2015 and cost NIS 2 billion.

US Targets Tax Avoidance Via Israeli Banks
CNBC reports this morning that, "as far as the Department of Justice's investigation into offshore tax avoidance is concerned. It looks like Israel is going to be the next Switzerland."

IDF to Begin Marketing Land in 2 years
Defense Ministry official: By 2019, all the bases will have an approved urban building plan for marketing.
"Leviathan" Gas Well Production Tests Positive
leviathan israel oil
Ratio Oil announces: The results were excellent and the natural gas is flowing smoothly.
Cyprus Seeks to Buy Israeli Gas
gas in israel
Cyprus is interested in buying natural gas from Israel until the development of its own Block 12 gas reserve is completed.

Live TV Receiver Launches for iPad, iPhone
ipad 3
Siano Mobile Silicon Ltd. yesterday launched Carmel, a miniature digital terrestrial TV accessory for receiving TV stations on Apple's iPads and iPhones.

"Forbes Israel" Ranks Israel's Richest Rabbis
rabbi pinchas
Rabbi Pinchas Abuhatzeira, the great-grandson of the Babi Sali, is Israel's richest rabbi, with an estimated fortune of NIS 1.3 billion, according to the "Forbes Israel's" ranking of Israel's ten richest rabbis.

Netanyahu: We've Created 250,000 New Jobs
The Prime Minister told OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria that Israel's economic performance is among the best in the world.
Panetta Announces $70 Million for Iron Dome
iron dome working
The Obama administration said it would rush $70 million to Israel in order to enhance its Iron Dome missile defense system, with more money in the pipeline.
Treasury Official: We Have a Severe Spending Problem
lots of money
The flood of the big numbers for the 2013 budget is rising, and apparently setting off red warning lights at the Ministry of Finance.

Aeronautics Wins $30m Finnish UAV Deal
finland israel
Aeronautics VP Danny Ashchar: "This is the most expensive and expansive mini-UAV deal every made outside the US."
IMF Will Not Cut Ties with Iran
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has refused to cut its ties with Iran's central bank. The Islamic Republic maintains membership in the IMF, said the fiscal institution, thus making it impossible to sever relations with Iran's Bank Markazi.

Israel World's Third Hottest Real Estate Market
Despite the affordable housing protests, Israel is holding on to its spot as the third-hottest housing market in the world according to a survey by CNBC.

Pluristem Stem Cell Trial for Severe Limping Approved
stem cells
The clinical trial will include 132 patients at ten locations in the US. The trial will test the safety and efficacy of two dosages of PLX-PAD cells compared with a placebo.

Egyptian Gas Pipeline Blown up AGAIN
The quiet in Sinai has been broken again. Last night, terrorists blew up the natural gas pipeline leading to Israel and Jordan for the 14th time since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak.

"Forbes Israel" Ranks Wealthiest Jews
The aggregate fortune of the 14 Israeli billionaires is $42.7 billion.
Netanyahu: Taxes Pay for Iron Dome
netanyahu speaking
At the start of today's cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed ministers calling for tax cuts, even as Minister of Interior Eli Yishai convened a special meeting of Shas ministers to discuss rising prices.

Palestine Exchange to List Its Own Shares
palestinian exchange
The Palestine Exchange, which makes a market for shares in 46 local companies with a combined market capitalization of $2.9 billion, is on its way to becoming a publicly traded stock itself.
Israel's Shrinking Middle Class
middle class
Israels middle class - the people who keep the country's high tech industry humming, pay most of the taxes, serve in the army and volunteer for school committees, is shrinking even as the economy is thriving and unemployment is at its lowest in decades.

El Al Raising Fares Next Week
el al plane
El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. is raising fares next week, due to the steady rise in the price of jet fuel.

Americans Raise $26 Million for the IDF
Americans love the IDF. More than 1.300 business and philanthropic leaders donated $26 million at a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces dinner in New York.
Forbes Lists 13 Out of 16 Israeli Billionaires
13 Israelis are ranked in "Forbes" annual list of global billionaires. The Israeli listed in first place in the list of billionaires is Idan Ofer (161st place) (following the death of his father Sammy) with estimated wealth of $6.2 billion.

Coming to Your Cellphone Soon
mobile barcelona 2012
The Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona last week found an industry that has matured and is struggling to offer innovations as before to an audience that had become used to constantly seeing rabbits with touch screens pulled from hats.

Egypt Resumes Gas Deliveries to Israel
Egypt's East Mediterranean Gas Co. resumed natural gas deliveries to Israel, Ampal-American Israel Corporation, which owns 12.5% of the company, announced today.

Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran Would Choke World Economy
netanyahu youtube
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday warned a nuclear-armed Iran would exercise de facto control the major Gulf oil producers and "choke" the global economy.

Ebay Buys Israeli "Gifts Project"
the gifts project
It is estimated that eBay paid several tens of millions of dollars for the company, which was founded two years ago.
Turkey Suspends Trade Ties with Israeli Gov't Bodies
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has no intention of cooling tensions with Israel. After expelling Israel's ambassador to Ankara, and suspending military agreements, he has said that he intends to impose more sanctions against Israel.

Tamar Gas Pipeline to be Laid this Year
80% of the Tamar natural gas field pipeline has already been manufactured and is waiting at Israel Shipyards. The partners will begin laying the pipeline this year and it will be completed by the second quarter of 2012.

Israeli Unemployment Rate At All-Time Low
unemployment in israel at all time low
The unemployment rate fell to an all time low of 5.5% of the civilian labor force in the second quarter of 2011, down from 6% in the preceding quarter.

Netanyahu: We Will Make Social Changes
netanyahu protests
"Despite the complex security problems and the challenging worldwide economic situation, we are not cutting our responsibility to implement social reform in Israel."

Iron Dome Production Doubles
iron dome working
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will invest tens of millions of shekels in the coming months to open a second production line for the Iron Dome's Tamir missiles, which intercept the Kassam and Grad rockets fired at Israel from Gaza.

Police Remove Protesters From Tel-Aviv Squat
tel aviv housing crisis tent cities
The police removed the social protesters this morning from the abandoned building on Tel Aviv's Dov Hoz Street that they took over yesterday. "We shall not be moved," the squatters declared as they set up what they called a "community center" in the building.

Turkey Considers Cutting Israeli Economic Ties
Turkey has informed the US that Israel's refusal to apologize for the IDF operation to thwart last year's Turkish flotilla bringing supplies to the Gaza Strip will not go unpunished.

Netanyahu to Purchase PA Gas?
natural gas israel
Sources inform '"Globes"' that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially asked Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to resume negotiations for Israel to buy Palestinian natural gas.

Average Monthly Salary Rises
The average gross monthly salary of Israeli employees was NIS 8,430 (in current prices) in 2010, 3.7% higher than in 2009.

Bibi: Housing Prices are "Social Holocaust"
"It once took 100 monthly salaries to buy an apartment while today it requires 140 months work."

Fuel Goes Up: El Al Raises Fares
el al plane
The soaring price of oil is driving up prices of fuel, including jet fuel for airlines.

Minister Calls to End "Oil Addiction"
paying for gas at the pump
Minister of National Infrastructures Uzi Landau called for the world to free itself from dependence on Arab oil. "Every time we pull out our wallet to pay for gas, we send 20-30% to terror-supporting countries."

Libya Clashes Have Big Impact on Israeli Prices
libya riots
The uprising in Libya will have a major impact on the price of fuel in Israel, warned Ministry of National Infrastructures director general Shaul Tzemach remarks at the 4th International Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition.
In Egypt's Interest to Sell Gas to Israel?
egypt gas oil
"They have never violated international agreements, and continued to sell us oil even when we flew over the skies of Baghdad," said Yosef Maiman, a shareholder in Egypt's East Mediterranean Gas Company.

IDF to Protect Israel's Offshore Gas Discoveries
The IDF is preparing a plan to protect Israel's deepwater natural gas discoveries in its marine exclusive economic zone.

Attorney General to Indict Foreign Minister
avigdor lieberman
Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is due to announce within days his decision to indict, subject to a hearing, Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman, on charges of fraud, breach of trust, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

Gas Shortage in 2013?
israel gas yam tethys
Israel has no natural gas problem in the long term but that the Ministry of National Infrastructures is deeply worried about what will happen in 2013, when Israel's only gas reservoir, Yam Tethys, runs out before the Tamar reserve comes online.

Israel Among World Smartphone Leaders
The US has the largest number of smartphone users, at 141 million, followed by Japan with 109 million. Israel is in 26th place in the world, with average annual growth of 18%, to reach 5 million users.

Obama's Budget Keeps Israel Aid
obama desk
US President Barack Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year 2012 keeps foreign aid for Israel, Egypt, and most other recipients unchanged, but it is not clear what the House of Representatives and the Senate will leave in.

Israeli Apples Head to Syria
apples from the golan
Beginning today, apples grown by Druze villagers in the Golan Heights will be exported to Syria, in accordance with the directives of the Israeli government and at the request of the International Red Cross.

2 Oil Tankers Hijacked in 2 Days
irene sl oil tanker hijacked
Major oil lines to the West are under severe threat after a second supertanker was hijacked in as many days in the Arabian Sea. Shipping officials said the Irene SL was pirated Wednesday morning about 350 nautical miles south-east of Muscat in the North Arabian Sea. It was carrying about two million barrels of crude oil, worth about $200 million.

Israel Daily First to Launch iPAD App
ipad launches in israel
"Israel Today" is the first Israeli daily paper to launch an iPAD application. Like the freesheet, the application can be downloaded for free from iTunes.
Netanyahu to Unveil Tax Changes
Netanyahu conversion bill
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has postponed until Thursday morning a press conference at which he is expected to announce tax reductions and subsidies for public transport fares. Behind closed doors, he has also spoken of freezing the income tax and companies tax reform.
Israeli-Arab Hi-Tech Jobs Project Launches
hi tech jobs for israeli arabs
Israeli-Arab students will be able to undergo an enrichment program to help them write a CV and obtain other skills. The website will include human resources departments of participating companies, which will create a listing of available high-tech jobs for Israeli Arabs.

Mubarak Family Wealth Estimated at $70B
mubarak smug
News agencies cite Middle East experts as saying that the Mubarak family's personal wealth at $70 billion. Much of the wealth is deposited in UK or Swiss banks, or in real estate in London, New York, Los Angeles, and on the shores of the Red Sea.
Israel's Taxibot Ready to Take Off
taxibot israel
The Israel Aerospace Industries' Taxibot passenger jet towing vehicle, capable of handling even the largest planes in service, has successful completed a series of trials. The company expects to sell 1,500 taxibots to airlines by 2020.
France Looks to Boost Trade with Israel
israel and france
In a determined effort to upgrade France's mysteriously modest industrial and trade relations with Israel, industry and energy minister Eric Besson has signed two cooperation accords in Jerusalem.
Economic Cost of Egypt Riots Rising
egyptian riots
The economic damage to Egypt is on the verge of becoming irreversible. Earlier reports estimated the cost of the uprising at $10-15 billion. The country's tourism industry, which contributes 11% of GDP and 10% of jobs, has taken a critical blow.

Health Ministry: 1 in 3 Israelis Will Get Cancer
israeli people
One in three Israelis will get cancer: 40% of Israeli Jewish men, a third of Jewish women, a third of Israeli-Arab men, and a quarter of Israeli-Arab women will get cancer, the Ministry of Health and the Israel Cancer Association announced.

Shekel Weakens Sharply
After the upheaval in Egypt caused the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to drop sharply yesterday, it is causing the shekel to weaken against the dollar and euro today. The shekel-dollar rate started to rise substantially last week.
Israel Falling Behind in Medical Device Race
medical start ups
Israel's start-ups are considered one of the country's competitive advantages in the global high-tech and life sciences industries. However, a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP says that emerging economies are breathing down Israel's neck.

Wikileaks, Swiss Bank Accounts and Israelis
swiss bank accounts wikileaks
WikilLeaks recently said that a former Swiss banker handed it two CDs reputedly containing details on up to 2,000 wealthy individuals and corporations. It appears that these CDs contain the names of Israeli residents as well. How concerned should they be?

Egypt May Want Piece of Israel's Gas Fields
egypt and israel border
Egypt's Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said yesterday that his government is considering claiming a stake in the natural gas reserves discovered off the coast of Israel. Lebanon, Cyprus and Turkey - were also considering staking claims on the gas reserves.

Israel's Gas 25% Higher than Europe
sonol gas
The increase in excise and higher crude oil costs sent the price of gasoline soaring in Israel at the beginning of the year, igniting a wave of public protest, which reached the Knesset.
Israel's Surgical Robot Heads to Italy
spine assist mazor robotics
Mazor Robotics continues to expand its European operations with a distribution agreement in Italy with an Italian specialist in the sale of surgical robots. AB Medica committed to buying the first SpineAssist robotic surgical system during the first quarter of 2011.

Israel's "Gifts" Project Teams with Ebay
the gifts project
Israeli start up The Gifts Project, a platform for group purchases of gifts, announced today that it had signed a deal with electronic trading giant eBay.
Israel Gets Jet Quotes from S. Korea, Italy
jet trainer israel
Israel Aerospace Industries has approached South Korean and Italian aircraft manufacturers for quotes for a new trainer for Israel Air Force cadets.
Nurses Demand More Nurses
nurses in israel
The National Nurses Union in Israel today launched labor sanctions, and will not admit new patients into internal wards whose occupancy rate is already over 100%
Israeli Engineers as Costly as Americans
israel association electroinics software industries
Foreign companies frequently remark that the cost of employing Israeli engineers is close to that of American and European engineers. After comparing the salary costs of engineers around the world, it was found that the gap is narrowing.
Israeli Start-Up Funding Grew in 2010
start up funding
The concerns for Israel's high tech start-ups may have been overdone. In a slow year of 2010, 391 Israeli high-tech companies raised $1.26 billion from local and foreign venture investors.
Environment Minister: Stop Drilling!
"If, G-d forbid, oil spills into the sea and spreads to the beaches, it will devastate the marine ecology, paralyzing fishing areas, and cause severe harm to tourism and recreation. No less importantly, it could shut down national infrastructures such as the desalination plants, seaports, and power stations."
Netanyahu's Salary Revealed
netanyahu gets paid
Although the salary is quite small for a round-the-clock job, it should be remembered that most of Netanyahu's expenses are covered by the state.
Leviathan Worth $4.8B Yearly
leviathan israel oil
Citi analyst David Lubin says today that the Leviathan natural gas reserve, which may also include oil, is worth as much as $4.8 billion per year to Israel's economy.
Dollar Dips to Two Year Low
The shekel-dollar exchange rate fell to a two-year low today and the representative exchange rate was set down 0.45% to NIS 3.528/$. The last time the shekel-dollar exchange rate was at this level was on October 7, 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis in the aftermath of Lehman Brothers' collapse.
2010: Diamond Exports up 50%
The Diamond, Precious Stones and Jewelry Administration reports that polished diamond exports rose nearly 50% in 2010, and that rough diamond exports rose 62%.
Israel Has Best Economy in West
economy in israel best in west
Israel's economy is the fastest-growing in the West, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports.
New Huge Gas Field Found in Haifa
new oil rig israel
Another huge gas field has been found off Israel's Mediterranean shore. The amount of natural gas in the Leviathan gas field is estimated at 450 billion cubic meters - almost twice the size of the previous large gas discovery at the Tamar field.
Israel to Export Water Technology to World's Mines
water technology
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor's Foreign Trade Administration has a new plan to double Israel's water technologies exports by 2012, targeting coal, copper and gold mines in South Africa, Brazil, Chile, and Australia.
Israel: Home Sells at NIS 145 Million
most expensive house in israel
High-tech and media billionaire Zaki Rakib sold his Herzliya Pituah home to online gaming billionaire Teddy Sagi.
Hebrew Domain Names: Coming This Week
Hebrew alphabet domain names will be available on the web for the general public from 2pm on Sunday. The national suffix "il" for Israel will remain in Latin letters.
Rabin, Begin to Appear on Israeli Money
menachem begin and yitzhak rabin to appear on israeli currency
The images of the late Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Rabin will appear on new Israeli currency.
Netanyahu to Intervene on Gas Royalties
Sources inform "Globes" that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will intervene in the natural gas royalties issue, at the demand of Minister of National Infrastructures Uzi Landau.
Barriers for Working Arab Women
One expert says that the education system in the Arab community was in a state of total collapse, partly because of inadequate technology means, such as computers.
Google Israel: "Power Shifted to the Consumer"
google israel
The head of Google Israel says that companies that don't understand mass intelligence will vanish within a few years.
Bernake Praises Israeli Counterpart
Bernake and Fischer
Ben Bernanke, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, took time out this week to praise his Israeli counterpart and former teacher, Stanley Fischer, who was named "Person of the Year" at the annual Globes Business Conference.
Last Minute Rush to Prevent PA Buy-Out
A Jewish company is making a last -minute effort to prevent a major Jerusalem project from falling into the hands of the Palestinian Authority.
Israel Real Estate Market 4th Highest
House prices in Israel have surged continuously since 2009, and in the year to third quarter 2010 prices rose 14.12%.
Shekel Gains: BoI Buys More Dollars
The shekel continued to strengthen against the dollar in morning inter-bank trading today, despite encouraging US macroeconomic figures published yesterday.
Haifa Tunnels Open
The Carmel Tunnels will open December 1st at 6 am. The toll tunnels will become operational 17 years after the first tender was published, but five months ahead of schedule.
Israel's Export to PIGS Drops
Israel's exports to Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain (the PIGS) fell sharply in the third quarter of 2010.
Leviathan's Moment of Truth
The moment of truth about the presence of huge gas reserves is approaching: the answer to the question if the strata contain natural gas may be estimated at many billions of dollars, and will have a far-reaching impact.
November 30: Buy Israel Day
Pro-Israel groups are asking supporters to buy Israeli goods on Nov. 30 to counter a boycott on the same day.
Rothschild, Murdoch Invest in Israeli Shale Oil
Lord Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch have invested in an Israeli venture to produce oil from bituminous-bearing rock in the Elah Valley in the Judean foothills.
Rapid Growth in 'Medical Tourism' Market
Noam Lanir has in the past year devoted most of his time to a new venture, the marketing of surgical procedures in Israel to wealthy residents of Russia and neighboring countries, otherwise known as "medical tourism."
George Soros Expands in Israel
Billionaire George Soros is expanding his investments in Israel, mainly in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Israel Joins Youtube Ad Pilot
Israel will take part in a pilot program set up by Google-owned video sharing site YouTube, and Israeli advertising agencies will take part. The goal is to encourage Israeli advertisers to allocate more resources to advertising on Google's video platform.
Madoff Property Proceeds Repays Victims
Personal property of disgraced Jewish financier Bernard Madoff was sold at an auction that raised more than $2 million to repay victims of his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.
Responses to OIl, Gas Tax Proposals
Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce Oil and Gas Exploration Industry Association in Israel chairman Uri Aldubi said, "After thousands of years, Israel is again building pyramids in Egypt.
Netanyahu on Israel's Economic Success
The international recovery may be sputtering, but take a drive through Israel's rapidly developing cities and you will see a very different economic picture. Netanyahu was asked in a special interview how his country has powered through the global recession to leave other developing nations in its financial dust.
45 Storey Hotel Coming to Tel Aviv
Sources say a huge 45-storey hotel is slated to be built on the Ganei Sharona lot of the South Kirya lot in Tel Aviv. The Israel Land Administration the lot on the market for NIS 55 million next month.
Israel Conference Focuses on Global Economy
This year's annual Israel Business Conference, the largest of its kind in Israel, will focus on the changing global economy and the new world order in the post-crisis era.
Investors Thirsty for Sodastream
Sodastream raised nearly $109 million in its IPO, at $20 per share, the upper limit of the price range. The share rose to $24.12 yesterday on a trading volume of 6.1 million shares, boosting the market cap to $423 million.
Israel, Lebanon Battle Over Gas Fields
A new battlefield is growing between Israel and Lebanon over mammoth gas fields discovered off the coast of Haifa.
Is $100 a Barrel Comfortable?
Libya's National Oil Corporation chairman Shokri Ghanem put fear into the hearts of commodities traders with his recent statement that $100 a barrel is a 'comfortable' price.
Bank of Israel: No Dollar Limits
Bank of Israel Market Operations Department director Barry Topf, the man responsible for buying dollars by the central bank, today told the Knesset Finance Committee that there were no restrictions on the amount of dollars that the Bank of Israel could buy.

Israel May Strike on Tuesday
A huge swath of Israel's work force may go on strike Tuesday to pressure Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz into approving a wage hike for public sector employees.
Half of Public Sector Makes Under 5000 NIS
Nearly half of public sector employees earn less NIS 5,000 a month; 44% earn NIS 4,960, well below the average national salary of NIS 7,836.
Israeli Stock Analyst Ranks #2 in US
Israeli Tal Liani has been named by Institutional Investor as the number two stock market analyst in the US for the third straight year.
Merrill Lynch Appoints Israeli Financial Advisors
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management today announced the appointment of Yanir Brenner and Dan Ram as vice presidents and financial advisors in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Hits Record High
The Tel Aviv 25 Index set another all-time record today, the second time this week it closed at a record high.
Shekel Weaker Against Euro
The shekel-dollar exchange rate is down 0.34% to NIS 3.6067/$, and the shekel-euro exchange rate is up 1.09% to NIS 5.0641/Euro.
Barclays Bank Opens in Israel
Barclays Bank, one of the world's biggest banks, is opening a branch in Israel. It does not intend to go into retail banking in the Jewish state, but will focus on corporate banking.

Leviathan Drilling Begins
Drilling of the Leviathan 1 exploratory well began today, at a cost of $150 million. The deep water well in the Rachel license, 135 kilometers west of Haifa, will be drilled to a depth of 7,200 meters.
Japan Stock Exchange Seeks Israeli Firms
Two representatives of Japan's Tokyo AIM stock exchange, recently visited Israel and met with representatives of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), the Israel Securities Authority, and with law firms.

Amazon CTO in Israel
Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels is visiting Israel to promote the company's cloud computer services, Amazon Web Services, apparently in preparation for an applications store for smartphones, which market sources believe the company will soon launch.

Yahoo! Acquiring Israeli Start-Up
Yahoo! has agreed to purchase an Israeli start-up company reportedly for more than $50 million.

African AIDS Experts Visit Israel
A delegation of prominent HIV/AIDS doctors from across East Africa is visiting Israel to expand medical partnerships and benefit from Israel's expertise.

Bank of Israel Eyes Housing Market
It was noted that house prices had increased by 20% in the 12 months to July (inclusive), against the background of the rapid expansion in housing credit reflecting the low rate of interest and the relatively slow adjustment of the supply of houses.

Israeli Bank Governor is Number One
The British magazine EuroMoney has designated Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer as the number-one national bank governor in the world.

Shekel's Strength Puts Jobs at Risk
The continuing strengthening of the shekel against the dollar is endangering expected growth in the Israeli economy.



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