A neo-Nazi leader plans to defend himself against hate crime charges by proving that his bigoted remarks on white supremacist court sketchwebsites are factually correct, his defense attorney said.

Terry Tremaine, a former lath lecturer at the University of Sakatchewan, is facing 11 criminal charges of willfully promoting hate against identifiable groups after prolific postings, including messages saying Jews are a "parasitic race," that "blacks are intellectually inferior to whites" and "Hitler was a lot nicer to the Jews than they deserved," The National Post reported.

Termaine is head of the National Socialist Party of Canada, which uses the Nazi swastika and pictures of Adolph Hitler to promote group ideology.

The court order gives Tremaine permission to revisit online forums, many of which espouse extreme and intolerant views, in an effort to gather information to aid his defense and prove that his viewpoints are based on the truth.

"They are holding Mr. Tremaine accountable for thousands upon thousands of thousands of statements of fact, statements of opinion, statements of mixed fact and opinion," Doug Christie, Mr. Tremaine's lawyer, said in an interview.

"Some of them -- some of them -- not all of them [but] certainly some of the facts are verifiable," he said.

Judge Frederick Kovach, of Saskatchewan's Court of Queen's Bench, lessened Tremaine's bail restrictions on June 27 but imposed other limitations on how he may online to strengthen his case.

He is only allowed to post questions "pertaining to research for the preparation of his defense" the judge's order states.

David Matas, senior honorary legal counsel for Jewish advocacy group B'nai Brith Canada told The National Post that he finds the reduced restrictions "troubling,"

"The relaxing of bail conditions to allow for a 'search for truth'? You can label it that, but it is basically a search for propaganda to justify his own prejudicial beliefs," he said.

via israelnn.com