Hungarian Jews Feel "Increasing Danger"

Hungarian Jews "feel increasing danger" in a country with a government that condones anti-Semitism, the president of Hungary's Jewish community said.

More Reform Rabbis Officiating at Intermarriages
The Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinic arm of the Reform movement,, does not have statistics on how many of its 2,000 Reform rabbis in North America officiate at intermarriages, but said it's about half.
Synagogue Floor Discovered in Galilee
A Maharajah Comes to the Rescue
Germany's Circumcision Ruling Riles Jews
Chukat: Fifteen Quick Mistakes

Reincarnation in Judaism?
The concept of reincarnation most likely predates the receiving of our Torah at Mt.Sinai 3300 years ago. Curiously there is no direct mention of reincarnation in the Torah...

Is it "OK" to Celebrate New Years?
Is the Channukah Bush Kosher?
The Evil Inclination in the Garden
Ask the Rabbi: 113 Degrees in the Sukkah?

Today in History, January 26
1925: Birthdate of actor Paul Newman. Newmans father was Jewish. His mother wasn't.
Today in History - June 30
Today in History - April 5
Today in History: October 5
Today in History - October 4

Balak: Getting What You Want
i want
Many times in life we are convinced that we know what we need, and we become upset when circumstances don't work out the way that we had hoped and we can't get what we wanted.
Korach: The Leader as Servant
Shlach: One Good Hour
Behaalotecha: Is a Leader a Nursing Father?
Naso: Sotah
Balak: The Curse of Divisiveness
When the Jewish nation is wholly represented with all of its shades and colors, our prayers will be heard and our aspirations realized.

Chukat: The Law of the Torah
Korach: Achieving Holiness
Shelach: Conclusions From Fear
NASO: Devoting One's Soul
Parsha in A Nutshell: Balak
balak parsha
Balak, the king of Moab, summons the prophet Balaam to curse the people of Israel. On the way, Balaam is berated by his ass, who sees, before Balaam does, the angel that God sends to block their way.

Parsha in A Nutshell: Chukat
Parsha in a Nutshell: Korach
Parsha in a Nutshell: Shelach
Behaalotecha: Light That Returns


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